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Are you considering self-managing your investment property?

It is important to ask yourself certain questions as the Real Estate Industry is governed by laws, obligations and legislation that have far-reaching consequences and penalties, including heavy fines and jail sentences if breached and broken. It is fraught with the danger of litigation in almost every function you tackle on your own behalf. For further reading on this topic please click on the document at the bottom of this page. 

Do you want your valuable asset to receive the best possible care?

Call us TODAY to experience the difference between extraordinary professional asset management and just plain everyday ordinary management. YOU WILL BE PLEASED YOU DID!!!

How easy is it to change my properties over to ManageMe?

If your property is currently under the management of another agency you will need to give the correct amount of notice in writing to terminate the management on a certain date. The process is a seamless transition and we can manage that process for you.

How often will I be paid?

Payments are processed at mid-month and end of month. You can choose whether you receive a payment once or twice per month when completing your Form 6 – appointment of agent.

What will happen if my tenants fails to pay rent on time?

Rental arrears will not be tolerated by this agency. At ManageMe we are committed to ensuring that our property owners receive the money they are entitled to on time, every time. It is unacceptable for rent payments to be late. To ensure the owners security, tenants are issued with the appropriate breach notices. Failure to comply will result in eviction proceedings and all details being listed on the defaulting tenant database. Your Portfolio Manager will keep you informed and updated throughout the process and will discuss all options along the way.

How often do you carry out routine property inspections?

The Portfolio Manager or another qualified representative from our Agency will inspect your property once every seventeen (17) weeks. This is a service to our owners to ensure your property is kept in good condition. It also allows our trained Portfolio Managers to assess the property for early signs of wear and tear, such as worn carpets or leaking gutters that may require preventative maintenance. A copy of the routine condition report including photos will be forwarded to you on completion for your information and consideration.

Do I have to pay for repairs and maintenance at my property?

If a tenant or person visiting the tenant is responsible for damage to the property or anything on the property, the tenant is responsible for the cost of the repairs. If there is a fault with any goods supplied by the owner, including the structure of the property and appliances, it is the owner’s responsibility to repair and cover all costs involved.

Do I have input in the tenant selection process?

ManageMe will process all tenancy applications submitted and can make a recommendation to you. However, you, as the owner, have the final say in who is approved to rent your property.

Can I negotiate fees with my agency?

Property management is more than just collecting rent or striking a deal on fees. In saying that we are able to tailor a package specific for each of or our owners and investors.

While we are commercially competitive, we do not compromise on training, systems, resources or standards that enable us to ensure selection of quality tenants, timely rental payments and minimal vacancies. We adhere to ISO accredited Quality Assurance and pinnacle property management standards of processes designed to guarantee delivery of our promise to you that – “Your Goal Is Our Focus”.

The bottom line is simply that you pay for what you get so the cheapest agency is not always the best when it comes to caring for your valuable property asset.

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